And Brian Lamb is…?

20 Mar

Who the hell is Brian Lamb? I’m not sure if the person who wrote this title is Brian Lamb or Barry Dahl. Barry Dahl, I’d guess. Either way, it doesn’t invite me – too personality-driven for my taste.

Barry Dahl writes that the video helps answer two ‘buring’ questions. Are they that burning? Just boring?

OK, enough carping. When I actually viewed the video, I found it very interesting: Brian provides an analytical account of the history of learning objects. And in a modest way that belies the tone of that question.

13 Mar

Earl Mountbatten at the formal opening of the University, with Sir Peter Venables (left) and first OU Chancellor Geoffrey Crowther.

History of the OU gives some interesting background to MartinW’s paper.


1 Mar

Robin Goodfellow’s post (26 Feb) reminded me of some BBC progs I watched a couple of weeks ago – about Harold Wilson. Most were from the archives – from back in the glory days of the 1960s when the white heat of technology was going to transform our lives. Which it has, in a cool sort of way.

When he resigned in 1976, Wilson said the creation of the OU was an achievement he was proud of. For many people ‘The University of the Second Chance’ has lived up its tagline, helping to redress some of the inequalities of access to education.

What was the inspiration? Socialist? Egalitarian? Self-help? Individualist self-improvement?